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Nov. 23rd, 2011 10:50 pm
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This weekend I'm performing in a burlesque show. I'm doing that as a drag king in this particular show. I get to do four different numbers, each one involves gorgeous women dancing around me and swooning all over the place. It's quite hard to take really *cough*. No, seriously, they are such fabulous women, all very lovely, friendly warm people. I'm very much looking forward to peforming this time. I always do. But I haven't had much chance to perform like this before. Previous drag performances haven't given me much chance to expand myself. I did but then it got to a point where I couldn't do much more. The venues were always very limited, with no real facilities for peformers, which would mean I would turn up ready to go not really knowing what I was in for. This is the second show I have done on a 'proper' stage, with lighting, proper sound, a real stage and a packed audience of a couple of hundred in the room. Not to mention choreographed routines with other performers.

This all means that I can expand on my performance, I can really ham it up and get into the character, and indeed I have to because it's on a stage which means everything has to be exaggerated. It's very different than performing up close and personal to the audience like I have before.

The feeling as I walk out onto the stage is amazing and this time round it's going to be extra special. The music starts and it's up to me to get the audience in the palm of my hand and entertain them. The interesting this about this particular group and show to, is that people aren't told 'what' I am. It's left up to them, and before, during and after the show last time I performed with this group it became obvious that people did not know I was a woman. This is a good thing. It means I'm doing a good job of male impersonation. It also means that if people work it out it challenges them on many levels.

I am determined to have fun with the performances this time and really enjoy them. I always do, but this time I get to push myself and my abilities that bit further. I can't wait.


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