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I am entirely new to this sort of 'thing' and wanted to to start something where I can stomp around in my boots and say what I like. Not that I don't do this in other forums, but things like fb really don't give much room to 'vent' or give full opinions. I am a quiet person generally, unless you get me on the stage then that changes, or if we start talking about something I am passionate about. I am not good at being quiet as far as keeping opinions to myself if we're on a subject I care about, or feel I know about.I am an artist and performer, I've been making artwork forever, and did some formal training in that I have a visual arts degree. I have been performing as a drag king for the past five years and I've recently gotten into burlesque. I like to challenge people and I like to be challenged. I have years of working in the Community sector and have strong beliefs around human rights and equality, I think everyone should have the chance to grow and realise their dreams. I like passionate people, and people who have passions. I like watching people talk about things that they feel strongly about or things they have an interest in, I don't have to have a clue or any knowledge about whatever their passion is, I just like to see enthusiasm. I am an educator and I have qualifications up the wazoo in terms of teaching and community development. I am a sensitive soul, sometimes too much so and I am often quite psychic or piss chick as I like to call it (if you believe in that sort of thing).
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