Sep. 22nd, 2013

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Sequins and Feathers 2

This entry follows on and follows my journey through Kitten of the Year 2013....

During the week I continued to work on costumes I have for upcoming performances and heard about a third performance I will also be doing. Normally I wouldn’t be able to fit in so many performances with so many elaborate costumes, but seeing as I am not at work (much) at the moment I have the time and energy to do that. Except for the fact that I started to change medications a few days ago which, is a process that can last a couple of weeks. A couple of weeks of feeling really unwell. I had my first day of this several days ago and could barely move. I felt so week and dizzy and like I was going to vomit. Possibly the worst I have felt physically, but I was ok mentally, which is a really good start.

Today we had to do the tribute photos. For me this mean being nude, apart from a furry wrap thing in front of a room full of people. Well, that sounds more dramatic that what it was. I woke up and had trouble getting started (damn medication change poo) and felt very unsexy. The feelings I carried about how I looked when I tried the makeup on earlier in the week didn’t really help either. My burly friends thought it looked great but the responses from my dearest and nearest were not very validating and left me feeling a bit sad. But, I did sort of, mostly understand their responses and reminded myself that it actually didn’t matter what they thought, this was for me.

Getting out bed and getting started was a bit slow. I managed to get my makeup on and looking good. The only challenge is always the false eyelashes. My hands were a bit shaky and unsteady, which made it hard and the fact that I actually can’t see well at that distance adds. But, I still got them on. I also put my wig on. I was looking very hot, in my old flanny shirt, tracksuit bottom, men’s shoes, sunlasses, full makeup and red curly wig. I had to be completely nude for the photo and so didn’t wear any underwear as, I learnt in previous modelling experience, underwear and socks can make lines, which can ruin the photo.... I learnt that in the days before photo shop.

I felt pretty good when I got there. I moved around and chatted to different people. Everyone was spread out, in this fairly big room, in various stages of readiness. Hair curlers in, hair curlers out. Half dressed, makeup half done. It’s times like that, that burlesque is definitely not glamorous. The end result looks glamorous but the preparation often isn’t.
They had the DVD of the previous Kitka show on the big screen and people were watching it in amongst the preparations. Unfortunately I didn’t have my glasses, so it was a bit blurry to me. In this show I had a very big role. I was Pastor Randy Powers and myself and my wife Fannie Mae Powers were the leaders (MCs) of Kitka Minstries. Fannie Mae (my good friend Jane) and I did a duo together towards the end of the show. This came up on the screen, so naturally I stopped to watch it.

Now many people don’t like photos of themselves, or hearing themselves recorded. Seeing yourself on screen is really odd. I guess what you are doing is, as a performer trying to look at your own performance objectively and see how you can learn from it, what you need to do more of, or less of, or if there is any annoying things you do. What you do well etc. So, all of that, but it’s odd too because what was going on in your head could be very different to what you see. It’s a very interesting experience.

Anyway, I watched and laughed, I really enjoyed my own performance. As if it was someone else. It kind of blew me away at how good I was. I really didn’t have this perception at all. I mean, I gave it my best and I enjoyed it, but it was as good as everyone elses or better, depending on how it was viewed. I felt so proud of myself and of Jane, we rocked it, we really did.
Watching this I realised just how much I have improved as a performer. I really didn’t know or think I had improved that much. This has definitely given me confidence for the upcoming performances I have on. I know that I can do them, but now I know I can do them well. It doesn’t mean I will slack off or anything, but I will watch the footage of me a bit more and look at it critically and try and take this into what I do next.

Having the photo taken was fine. My friend Lauren, who I met in another burlesque performance was assisting the photographer Anne. Lauren helped me get my pants off, she actually pulled them off for me while I stool precariously holding the wrap over my top part. Sure, the room was full, but everyone was busy doing their own thing that it was nothing. I was reminded when I was having the photo taken about the entirely awkward positions that models have to stand in. They look really normal and natural, but in fact body parts are twisted in ways that they don’t normally twist. I like Anne as a photographer, she takes really good shots and when it comes to directing someone into a pose she is really good. This is (I think) because she is a model herself, so she knows how to give that direction. So the glamour shot is now done and we’re onto the next stages of the production. Which is hearing Miss Kitka say ....... again...... again........ again........


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